Women of the League Gather at First Ever NFL “W.I.N.” Conference


By Kendal Feider
NFL Films Player and Talent Relations Coordinator

On July 13, 2017, NFL Films hosted more than 70 women National Football League employees from the New York, Mount Laurel and Culver City offices for the first annual W.I.N. Conference. “‘W.I.N.’ stands for Women’s Interactive Network, and allows women to explore and develop their career paths at the NFL while deepening the engagement of all employees at the League.” 

The room was filled with women from various levels in their careers. From interns to Senior Vice Presidents, we greeted familiar faces and introduced ourselves to new ones. The magnitude of the gathering has remained under the radar, but I detected it. Being a woman employee in the National Football League is an extremely exciting, rewarding, empowering and often challenging space to occupy. Beyond the “typical” work stresses, working in professional sports brings forth a gender hurdle that women work every day to clear.

As a young female professional establishing and building a long-term career within the professional sports industry, I admire the tenacity, teamwork, and love my colleagues across the NFL offices put into their work – it’s what it takes to be successful in this business. Being able to relate to someone else within the organization, be it gender, ethnicity, age, etc. builds community and what I believe to be a thriving business model. I’m happy to be able to relate to someone every day, but not at the scale that this conference allowed me to.

The event included a tour of NFL Films, a mentoring panel led by NFL senior staff, and speakers Grace Killelea, Laura Vanderkam and Marilyn Schlossbach who spoke about leadership development, time management and living an intentional and fulfilling life.

Win panel

The mentoring panel included the following eight women NFL executives (pictured from left to right): Kennie Smith  – VP, Project Management & Field Ops. ~ Jaime Weston – SVP, Marketing ~ Anna Isaacson – SVP, Social Responsibility ~ Natara Holloway – VP, Youth Football ~ Kim McFadden – VP, Human Resources ~ Tracie Rodburg – VP, Marketing and Sales NY ~ Christine Vicari – VP, Finance ~ Lisa Friel –  SVP, Special Counsel for Investigations

My time with the women of the League allowed me to witness that my hard work can lead me to achieve my dream career. It allowed me to hear how these women spend their time outside the office and how I can one day navigate a range of responsibilities during the different stages of my life. It inspired me to be an inspiration to the generations after me who are fighting for the same goal.Giving advice to the next generation of women pursuing careers in sports, VP of Marketing and Sales, Tracie Rodburg told the Conference, Keep going. It doesn’t matter if I’m the only woman in the room, I’m in the room.”

As the bus departed, it dawned on me that in a very special moment, women of the NFL had been able to share stories, learn from one another, and connect in a way that most of us rarely get to do. For an afternoon – we filled the room.

WIN conference blog photo

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