Mind of Sabol: The Wit and Wisdom of the Eagles’ Joe Kuharich

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By Bethany Lowe

Editor’s Note: In this installment of “Mind of Sabol”, we’ll look at the many hilarious “mixed up metaphors” of former Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Joe Kuharich. Please let us know what you think about Steve Sabol’s famous card catalog by leaving a comment below or tweeting @NFLFilms with #MindofSabol.

Joe Kuharich left behind an unfortunate 28-41-1 record, but in his only winning season with the Eagles the team played against the Baltimore Colts in the “Playoff Bowl” of 1967. Coach Kuharich wore a wire for NFL Films during this game, which was featured in the special “They Call It Pro Football” (scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the video). Although Kuharich coached the Philadelphia Eagles during a time when the team was among the worst in the league, he was notable to Steve Sabol for other reasons including some of the featured quotes in this edition of “Mind of Sabol”.


Joe Kuharich with former Heisman trophy winner John Huarte.

One of Kuharich’s most famous confusing quotes, “Trading for a good quarterback is quite rare but not unusual,” is underlined in Steve’s notes below:


One of Steve’s cards commented on how Kuharich’s strange way of speaking made him a difficult person to interview:

Most of Steve’s cards about Kuharich are a collection of quotes that will leave you scratching your head:


 “The Loss of Momentum is Acceleration”

“When we get to that bridge, we’ll jump”

“Don’t sit there like a sore thumb”

“Let dead dogs sleep”

“It’s as easy as falling off a piece of cake”

“The sword of Damocles is hanging over Pandora’s box”

“It’s difficult living in a bowl of fish”

“It took the sails right out of our wind”


Competition Committee was proposing new rule – “I’m in favor of the rule but I’m against its enforcement”

“Lead us in a few words of silent prayer”


“I understand the words but not the sentence” – Steve Sabol

“Even with a paddle sh*ts creek is not a place to be up” – Kuharich

You can hear Kuharich featured wired up in the NFL Films Special “They Call It Pro Football” (the inspiration for the name of this blog)

Click above to see Joe Kuharich wired up in “They Call It Pro Football”

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