Premieres Tonight: “America’s Game: The 2014 New England Patriots”

America's Game, New England Patriots


 TE Rob Gronkowski, WR Julian Edelman & DB Devin McCourty Interviewed

 Actor Chris Evans Narrates

 September 2, 2015: Following a 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, the New England Patriots fell to 2-2 on the year and caused many to raise doubts about the team, their quarterback and their aspirations for the 2014 season. Yet with a simple mindset – “on to Cincinnati” – the Patriots would win 13 of their remaining 15 games, defeat the defending Super Bowl-champion Seattle Seahawks and bring a fourth Lombardi Trophy to Foxboro.

America’s Game: 2014 Patriots debuts on Tuesday, September 8 at 10:00 PM ET, two nights before the Patriots kick off the 2015 regular season at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the show, tight end Rob Gronkowski, wide receiver Julian Edelman and defensive back Devin McCourty tell the story of the 2014 Patriots in their own words. Additionally, the hour-long special features wired sound from the Patriots’ games throughout the season and footage from team practices in Arizona leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, offering an all-access look at the Super Bowl champions.

Actor and Boston native, Chris Evans lends his voice to this year’s edition.

Below is a sampling of quotes from America’s Game: 2014 Patriots:

 “I thought it was a great press conference: on to Cincinnati it was. Who wanted to talk about that Kansas City game? We just got blown out on Monday Night Football…So on to Cincinnati couldn’t have been any better answer.” – Rob Gronkowski on Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s “on to Cincinnati” press conference

 “That really challenged the character of a team that had so many new pieces that we didn’t really know how we would react as a team.” – Devin McCourty on the Week 4 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

“You have one of the best quarterbacks – probably the best quarterback – of all-time. It’s just kind of ridiculous that people jump off that bandwagon, and I hope they keep on doing it because it just fires him up. He’s that kind of guy. So all of the people out there that do that, keep it coming. He likes that stuff.” – Julian Edelman on the blame Patriots quarterback Tom Brady received for the team’s 2-2 start

“It just showed alright this guy is back. He’s the Gronk. The Gronk is here.” – Edelman on Rob Gronkowski’s performance against the Cincinnati Bengals

“I hated Julian. He was that guy in practice that no matter what the tempo was, he was going to go 100 miles an hour. I think the competitive nature that he brings is the reason why he’s so good. I think he kind of encourages everyone around him to play harder. There is no guy you root for harder on a Sunday after covering him all week.” – McCourty on Julian Edelman

“We put it in that week. It was just kind of one of those things where I think we saw a college team do it. It worked. It made those guys a little boggled with what was going on.” – Edelman on the Patriots’ exotic formations against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisional Round game

“AFC Championships are fun but AFC Championship rings suck. So let’s kind of ante up, let’s get ready because it’s going to take our all to beat this next team.” – Edelman on defeating the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game to advance to Super Bowl XLIX

“It kind of went right back to the Baltimore game in the Divisional Round where I don’t know if he knew it, coach [Bill] Belichick comes over and he says, ‘Just do your job.’ I think it just re-focused us and we just made plays after that.” – McCourty on trailing 24-14 entering the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX

“Not this again. The Giants, the helmet catch, then the sideline. Now this catch.” – Edelman on Jermaine Kearse’s catch in Super Bowl XLIX

America’s Game, an Emmy Award-winning series, delves deep into the story behind the making of Super Bowl champions. Each episode is a 60-minute documentary in high definition, featuring key members of the winning team telling behind-the-scenes accounts from their championship season. With the signature NFL Films footage, combined with news clips and photos, highlights from team radio broadcasts, inside looks from team meeting rooms, sideline audio and other exclusive features, America’s Game provides an epic and intimate portrait of championship teams.


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