Tonight on “NFL Turning Point” – Week 21

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This week on NFL Turning Point, we review the Seahawks and Patriots, and give you all the information you need before the Super Bowl.


With Tom Brady holding the reigns of the Patriots offense, tricky formations and high powered weapons make them tough to stop.

Although injuries have been a factor all season, the Seahawks defense look like their defending champion selves, with the L.O.B. as strong as ever.

Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick have very different backgrounds, but this season, both share a similar path to the Super Bowl.

Despite all the criticism of Seattle’s receivers, a combination of a strong running game and a mobile quarterback has made their offense flourish.

The Patriots pass defense has looked unstoppable late in the season. Their ability to shut down elite quarterbacks and dominant receivers will pose a major problem for Seattle.

One of the biggest difference makers all season for the Seahawks has been Russell Wilson. We see what he has done to make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

This week’s Super Bowl preview gives you all the sights and sounds from an entire season long of football. Don’t miss tonight’s episode of “NFL Turning Point” @ 11:00PM on NBC Sports Network!

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