Encore: The Day Marshawn Lynch Came to NFL Films

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By Paul Camarata

After the #Beastquake but long before he became the talk of the Super Bowl Media Corps, Marshawn Lynch paid a visit to 1 Sabol Way.  That day he talked Skittles; described what it sounded like during his Richter scale run in the 2010 NFC Wild Card game ; went “Beast Mode” on a camera and stack of film cans in our Vault ; and yes, cuddled with babies.  In our company’s history, few players have made more memorable visits to Films than @MoneyLynch.  To see the story of the day he came to town, as produced by Chris Barlow for NFL Films Presents, click on the photo below.  

lynch2(Photo: Michelle Girardi Zumwalt)

Click the adorable photo above to see 2010’s “NFL Films Presents: Marshawn Lynch”


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