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By Chip Swain, Producer

There are so many aspects to an NFL game that happen every Sunday, many of them go unnoticed or are simply things most people don’t spend much time thinking about. In my 10 seasons here at NFL Films, I’ve produced pieces on the Chinstrap, the little rubber pellets in Field Turf, The Chains, The Jumbotron and Playcall Mumbo Jumbo. This season, I wanted to find out more about those Giant American Flags that are on the field for the national anthem.

There are multiple flags of varying sizes and teams will even bring out the full field size flag for special occasions. A little research revealed the full field size weighs up to 1100 pounds and costs $45,000. But how are they made? We found the answer in Sandy, Utah at Colonial Flag. I love the picture of the star being sewn, you can really see just how big one half of one star is. After we returned from Utah, we spent Veterans Day eve at the Eagles/Panthers game for Monday Night Football shooting behind the scenes of the flag being displayed. It’s a pretty massive undertaking considering it will be on display for fewer than 3 minutes. There were upwards of 200 members of all branches of the US Military on hand to help display the flag. Once fully unfurled though, it was pretty cool to see it on the field.

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(Photos: Chip Swain)


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“NFL Films Presents: Giant American Flag” was produced by Chip Swain

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