Mind of Sabol: Wide Receivers

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By Nick Calabrese

Editor’s Note: Wide Receivers have finally been added to the mix with this week’s Mind of Sabol post. Here is a list of quick, innovative men who played the position. Please let us know what you think about Mr. Sabol’s famous card catalog by leaving a comment below or tweeting @NFLFilms with #MindofSabol. Click photos to enlarge.


NFL Historical Imagery

Bob Hayes

UNDERLINED TEXT: “Only the fact that the Cowboys didn’t know what they had in Hayes kept his figures down. Hayes caught only 46 passes in 1965. Hayes was primarily a football player and only incidentally a sprinter.”


 “In his drive for perfection, Berry developed 88 maneuvers for getting around defenders and to the ball. Insistent on practicing moves each week he enlisted a variety of helpers, teammates, coaches, groundskeepers, ball boys, and his wife.”


NFL Historical Imagery

Raymond Berry


 “Work ethic. Unitas/Berry didn’t practice together all the time.”



Lance Alworth

“17 T.D. pass receptions in 1942 during 11 game season.”


Don Hutson

Don Hutson

UNDERLINED TEXT: “Has anyone ever led the league in both receptions and yards per catch? It’s been done twice. Don Hutson led the league in both catches (34) and yards per catch (24.9) in 1939, and Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch did it in 1951 with 66 catches and 22.7 YPC, also 17 TDs, during a 12-game season.”


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