Encore – “NFL Films Presents: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

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 Click on the photo below to see “NFL FILMS PRESENTS: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”


Dropped in Afghanistan by helicopter, a group of exhausted US Marines take a moment to rest after several hours of patrolling in an unfamiliar desert town. One of them takes a photo, beginning a story that would eventually inspire the NFL FILMS PRESENTS feature “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”, posted above.

To learn more about how this story evolved, check out …

The link that inspired the story to be told at NFL Films, the original tweet of DeSean Jackson signing his contract in front of the now famous photo that hangs in the Washington Redskins office.

The original Facebook post where the photo went viral.

The story the Marines posted after the image won Photo of the Year Award.

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Cinematographer Al Francesco during shooting of the film.  (Photos: Ryan Kelly)


“NFL Films Presents Hosted by Joe Buck” is produced by Chris Barlow.  “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” was produced by Ryan Kelly.

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