Mind of Sabol: Quarterbacks II

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By Nick Calabrese

Editor’s Note: This Mind of Sabol post brings you the second round of some of the most influential quarterbacks to play the game. In this post, we’ll be looking at quarterbacks Johnny Unitas, Norm Van Brocklin, Bobby Layne, & Sammy Baugh – who made everyone to play the position afterwards, their inheritors. Please let us know what you think about Steve Sabol’s famous card catalog by leaving a comment below or tweeting @NFLFilms with #MindofSabol.


“The rarest breed of athlete. Men who gave their sport infinitely more than they took. Men who not only dominated their era but seized it and changed it and imposed their own styles and standards on it so that no one could play the position again without being in a sense, their inheritors.”

Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas

UnitasCard1“There is no statistic for poise and that’s what made him (Unitas) great. Composure amidst chaos. Throwing a TD pass in 47 straight games, next closest is Marino – 30. Limo + Luxury Box Era = He was blue collar. His drive in OVT 13 plays to glory. Definitive example of field generalship.” – Steve Sabol



Bobby Layne

LayneCard1“No one typified this sense of adventure more than Bobby Layne, the blond prodigal from Texas. Layne delighted in making up little trick plays, and he saved a beauty for the New York Giants, one he was confident would work against the defense they liked to use. He called it the ‘wait a minute’ play.”

BrocklinCard1“Methodically, almost disdainfully, he took apart the leagues finest defenses.”

Norm Van Brocklin

Norm Van Brocklin

Coaches quotes“My idea of success is different from win-loss record. My emphasis is on intangible goals and these goals are completely secret. I tell no one.” – Bill Peterson

“I resent it when I read in the papers – ‘Van Brocklin was unavailable for comment.’ I’m always available for comment even if the comment is ‘No comment.'” – Norm Van Brocklin

Another question like this one and that – is going to become the world largest supporter… master of verbal karate, especially when discussing media.

BaughCard“He had the delicate trigger finger and sharp vision of the old time frontier squirrel shooter.” – Steve Sabol

Sammy Baugh

Sammy Baugh

“He bore the burden of a pioneer and the weight made him strong.” – Roger Kahn



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