BONUS SCENES: Jerry Glanville’s Garage Sale

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by Ryan Kelly, Producer

Back in May I read that Jerry Glanville was holding a “living estate sale” – essentially, he had sold his house and was getting rid of all his stuff, including several careers’ worth of memorabilia. A week later I was in north Georgia shooting it for NFL Films Presents.

There were hundreds (probably thousands) of items on sale, but there was one in particular I thought might look good on the walls at work. I snapped a picture of a portrait of Jerry done by Diana Magrann – according to Glanville, the only artist Elvis Presley allowed to paint him (cameraman Dave Dart is standing next to it for scale).


I also took a photo of the pricetag and emailed NFL Films’ Chief Financial Officer.


ME: Any interest in this painting for walls at work? (Dave standing next to it for size perspective).

CFO: Thanks but it’s not an expenditure we could justify.

ME: Gotcha, just figured I’d pass it along.

CFO: Never hurts to ask!

I still think it would have looked fantastic outside my office.

In any case, there was one item Glanville would not part with, and it has to do with how the Atlanta Falcons became champions of California. Confused? Let Jerry explain:

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