Sneak Peek – “The Perfect Backfield: A Football Life”

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The Perfect Backfield: A Football Life airs Friday November 14 @ 9PM/ET.

by Steve Lucatuorto, Co-Producer

When we got word that Larry Csonka wanted to get together in Alaska to go fishing with his old friends Jim Kiick and Mercury Morris, we knew there was a chance to create a special show.  What could be better than our talented cameramen shooting in one of the most beautiful places in the world?  The images they captured didn’t disappoint. 

(Photos: Jay Jackson, Co-Producer)

Jay Jackson, who directed the week-long shoot, did a masterful job.  It takes plenty of skill to direct in a controlled environment.  Now imagine being in a river in the middle of Alaska, where there’s no cell service and no support should your equipment fail.

Great directing and cinematography is one thing.  Having Csonka, Kiick and Morris tell their story without it being contrived is another.  Often when we have subjects together the interaction seems forced or unnatural.  Thankfully that didn’t happen.  What we got was three friends shooting the breeze and we were lucky enough to have the camera’s rolling the entire time.  Csonka, Morris and Kiick really are friends and they are very proud of what they accomplished together in Miami.

I’ve been at Films for 17 years and this was one of the best shows I’ve ever worked on.  The images were amazing, the stories entertaining and the finished product is something I’m really proud of.  I wish they were all this much fun.


“The Perfect Backfield: A Football Life” was co-produced by Jay Jackson and Steve Lucatuorto.  The film premieres this Friday, 11/14/14 at 9pm/ET on NFL Network.

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