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EDITOR’S NOTE: New episodes of “NFL Films Presents,” hosted by Joe Buck, air each week on Fox Sports 1.

by Ryan Kelly, Producer

When I read Rex Ryan has been a longtime fan of Strat-O-Matic baseball – the tabletop game that’s part Dungeons & Dragons, part fantasy baseball – I thought it would make a good NFL Films Presents piece. I’m not sure my colleagues were as convinced – what’s Strat-O-Matic baseball, and what kind of visuals can you get out of somebody playing a board game? – but the thought of the NFL’s most ebullient coach rolling a 20-sided die sold it. This promised to be a good “fish out of water” story.

The great thing about Rex is, I’m not sure there’s any body of water in which he wouldn’t be right at home. It helps that he loves Strat-O-Matic, but I think we could’ve had him playing Chutes and Ladders and he’d be the same fun, funny guy.

That said, the other, subtler thread running through this piece is how Rex has changed since becoming the Jets’ head coach in 2009. He’s changed physically, and not only is he aware of your jokes about how the Jets have struggled since he’s lost weight – he’s telling them, too. Rex has also changed his tone in recent years – gone are the days of Super Bowl guarantees and challenges to Bill Belichick – and he’ll explain why.

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