Sneak Peek – “Ricky Williams: A Football Life”

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EDITOR’S NOTE: “Ricky Williams: A Football Life” premieres this Friday, October 31st at 9pm/ET on NFL Network.

By Paul Camarata, Producer

If the company he keeps truly can tell you much about a man, then you might say Ricky Williams is a cross between Bob Marley and Bill Parcells.  And Lenny Kravitz, and Nick Saban.  And Mike Ditka, and Earl Campbell, and a team of football playing college kids from China.

All those folks are just part of the cast that’s surrounded Ricky so far in his football life.  Emphasis on the “so far,” because if there’s one thing I learned while producing this film on him, it’s that Ricky is nothing if not on the move.  From his days as a prep standout at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, through his iconic career for the Texas Longhorns, into and out of conflicts, accomplishments, and explorations, Ricky’s story is everywhere.

We had the opportunity to follow it while shooting this film, from Amsterdam, to Sweden, across Texas, to Cleveland, and back in time through archives here at Films, in New Orleans, Toronto, and Baltimore.  We discovered that everywhere he went, Ricky Williams met people who inspired him, challenged him, and learned from him.  Clearly he’s a man of many talents and interests, but also of many questions.  And it’s his curiosity that may have propelled him the most over the years, to learn from all those around him, but also to learn about himself.


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Paul Camarata is a Senior Producer at NFL Films.  He has also produced “A Football Life” films on Tom Coughlin and Michael Strahan.

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