Behind the Scenes of “NFL Films DRAWN: Coin Tossed,” starring Aaron Rodgers

Chris Weaver, Green Bay Packers, NFL Films Drawn, Paul Camarata

By: Chris Weaver, Co-Producer

Our latest installment of the “NFL Films Drawn” series features Green Bay Packers quarterback and Super Bowl 45 MVP Aaron Rodgers. In this never before heard story, Rodgers recalls one of the most physical battles he witnessed during the Super Bowl, which took place before the coin was even tossed.

(click the image below to watch “Coin Tossed” starring Aaron Rodgers)


Creating the Drawn series has been a constant source of laughs during production. Here’s a behind the scenes example of the fun, as Online Editor Jonas Landau and Co-Producer Paul Camarata provide gibberish to be used for the photographers voices in the “War of Words” portion of Rodgers’ story.  (Bonus points if you picked up on Paul channeling Steve Martin’s Lucky Day character in the “Singing Bush” scene from the 1986 comedic masterpiece: ¡Three Amigos!).

(click the image below to view Behind the Scenes of NFL Films Drawn)


Online editor Jonas Landau and co-producer Paul Camarata step into the recording studio during production of “NFL Films Drawn: Coin Tossed,” starring Aaron Rodgers.


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