Top 5 Shots of the Week: Week 4

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5.) We Steadicam behind a wall of photographers, tracking to the left as the action unfolds just ahead of us. Colin Kaepernick pump fakes, looks, and throws to the corner of the end zone to receiver Stevie Johnson for the TD.

4.) The slow motion snap through the legs, the punt, Darren Sproles doesn’t dare blink as the ball falls into his lap. He breaks free of the first defender. As he bolts downfield, San Francisco players slip & slide behind him. Eagles players clear a path for Sproles’s 75 yard touchdown.

3.) Joe Flacco fumbles the snap but has enough time to recover. He makes the throw almost immediately after looking to his far left to see Steve Smith Sr. who catches the ball at the edge of the end zone and played incredibly well overall against his old team the Carolina Panthers.

2.) Aaron Rodgers throws a picturesque spiral downfield to Randall Cobb for a quick TD.

1.) As Eli Manning releases the ball, his face contorts from the force of his throw. The ball hurls through the air, we can see the deatils of the leather as it spins towards its target. A pair of Giants hands enter the frame. The camera pulls out to see that the hands belong to TE, Larry Donnell who has leapt in the air and falls into the end zone.

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