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Tom Wrigglesworth and I brainstorm in an online conversation leading up to his pilgrimage to Green Bay

Tom Wrigglesworth and I brainstorm in an online conversation leading up to his pilgrimage to Green Bay. (Photo: Chris Weaver)

UPDATED DEC. 16, 2014

By Chris Weaver

I’m a sucker for a good doppelganger. So I’m always on the lookout for look-alikes in the NFL. That is, NFL players and coaches who look like someone else…a celebrity, other famous athletes, a friend of mine, etc. This past spring I stumbled onto a doozy. Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a double-check worthy look-alike in British comedian Tom Wrigglesworth.

I contacted Wrigglesworth, and he too had been made aware of the coincidence, and expressed interest in trying to meet Rodgers. Despite the fact Wrigglesworth had spent very little time in America, and he’d never been to Wisconsin, he journeyed from London to Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhood in Green Bay. With our cameras rolling, NFL Films followed Wrigglesworth to Krolls West, the Pancake Place, The Green Room comedy club, and Lambeau Field, all in search of Aaron Rodgers.

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Wrigglesworth met a lot of people in Green Bay, including the Jesus of the Cheeses, Aaron Rodgers.  To see the story of his journey through Titletown, click on the photo at the top of this post to watch “NFL FILMS PRESENTS: THE INCREDIBLE MR. WRIGGLESWORTH.”


Chris Weaver is a Feature Producer in his 13th season at NFL Films.  His past projects have included “NFL Films Presents: Wilson – How Phish and the Seahawks Collided” ; the animated series “NFL Films Drawn” ; “Still Standing: The Earl Campbell Story” ; “NFL Films Presents: Electric Football” ; and “NFL Films Presents: LA Kiss” ; and “A Football Life – Al Davis.”  For more content on the story of Tom Wrigglesworth follow Chris on Twitter @WeaverNFLF  “For more NFL FILMS PRESENTS Hosted by Joe Buck” watch Fox Sports 1.

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