Top 5 Shots of the Week: Week 3

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NFL Films brings you another week of Top 5 Best Shots! Watch as this week’s players throw, catch, strike, and run their way to some great plays.

Here are the most exciting plays and visually stunning shots from Week 3:

5.) We start off with the Chicago Bears versus the New York Jets in a play where Jay Cutler launches the ball off of one leg to number 83, Martellus Bennett, for a quick and painless touchdown.

4.) Drew Stanton throws deep, his eyes widen as he watches on. John Brown receives the ball in the end zone. Stanton throws up his hands in celebration, with a big grin, as if directing the crowd to do the same.

3.) Andy Dalton pitches to Mohamed Sanu. Sanu shuffles to the right and throws. Dalton jumps high, meets the ball in the air, and is free to run. He lunges into the end zone for a memorable Bengals touchdown.

2.) The Seahawks defenders jump high in anticipation of Peyton Manning’s throw but he waits patiently before releasing. The ball is just out of reach of Bobby Wagner’s fingertips, and lands in the hands of Demaryius Thomas for the two point conversion.

1.) Quarterback Matt Ryan has plenty of time to look as his defenders rage on around him. He launches to the right corner of the field, where Julio Jones catches and hangs on to the football as he falls legs first into the end zone.

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