The NFL Films Animated Series is Back

Chris Weaver, NFL Films Drawn, Paul Camarata, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Along with our teammates at NFL Now and, we’re proud to announce the return of NFL FILMS DRAWN — the series that uses animation to bring to life new stories from classic interviews in our vault.  Combining NFL Films footage and sound with the animated stylings of Patrick Smith, eight new episodes of NFL FILMS DRAWN will premiere throughout the 2014 regular season, beginning today with the story below.  It’s one NFL Hall of Famer’s rookie year tale of the self-appointed worst morning of his life, and it’s titled SAPPY BREAKFAST.  Enjoy.

(click the image below to watch “Sappy Breakfast” starring Warren Sapp)

"It was the worst morning of my life..."

To see where NFL FILMS DRAWN all began: Check out the pilot episode starring Wynton Marsalis, which premiered in December 2013 before earning an Emmy Nomination the following spring in the category “Outstanding New Approaches: Sports Programming.”

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