“Brandon Marshall: A Football Life” – Bonus Scene

A Football Life, Behind the Scenes, Featured, Shannon Furman

While shooting with Brandon Marshall in June we asked if we could ride to practice in the car with him.  When we got to his house we were in for a surprise when we saw our transportation for the day.  The limo bus was an agreement he made with his wife Michi if they were going to continue to live in downtown Chicago.  He said on the heavy traffic days the bus was a must.

It was 5:30 a.m. and Marshall chatted me up about everything from his role in negotiating his new contract to the possibility that maybe he’ll try taking a helicopter to practice next, all while “The Passion of the Christ” was playing on TV in the limo bus.

Check out the premiere of Brandon Marshall: A Football life this Friday @ 9:00PM/ET on NFL Network.

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