Top 5 Shots of the Week: Week 1

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At NFL Films we capture the most awe inspiring images you won’t see anywhere else. These shots feature Colin Kaepernick, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, and more in some of their most intense plays of the week. Perfectly executed plays shot by our cameramen are a recipe for some of the most cinematic and dramatic pieces we love here at NFL Films.

Here are the five best shots from Week 1:

5. Nick Foles passes to Zach Ertz who slides into the end zone on his side, helmet to the ground, blades of grass shoot up from the turf. Ertz knocks out two defensive men like bowling pins, who flip, and fall, and spin on impact.

4. Le’Veon Bell pierces his way through the defense – he fakes right, he fakes right again and defensive men fall at his feet, tricked by his speed, his dance down the field. Bell finishes with a front-flip into the end zone for a Steelers’ touchdown.

3. With no options left Andrew Luck runs hard to the right, a single white uniform framed in a sea of orange Bronco jerseys. As he nears the end zone, Luck knows he has little time and reaches out as far as he can. His arm extends just far enough for the touchdown.

2. Beads of sweat run down and fly off of quarterback Matt Ryan as he snaps the ball, looks and spots Roddy White in the end zone. He makes the throw, the ball spinning perfectly in the air, the crowd vast in the stands behind it – we zoom out to see the catch and the arms of the crowd rise high above their chairs in celebration.

1. Colin Kaepernick stumbles in the midst of the Cowboy’s defense. Through the helmet, we see his eyes lock on target. The blurry crowd behind him holds their breath as the ball soars above the field and lands in the hands of Vernon Davis for the touchdown.

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