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Detroit Lions, TCIPF Staff

Remember the Silverdome?

We do! From 1975 until 2001, the Pontiac Silverdome was not only home to the Detroit Lions, but some of the most iconic moments in all of sports (any Hulk Hogan fans out there?).

We’re currently exploring a feature on the stadium itself–detailing everything from its history to its current state and beyond. And while we’re certainly in no short supply of great Barry Sanders runs, we want to know from the people who were there, what made it so special?

For example, perhaps you met your current spouse at the concession stand during a Lions’ home game. Maybe as a child, your dad took you to Wrestlemania III where you saw Hulk Hogan body slam Andre the Giant. Or maybe you were a 49ers fan in January 1982, and saved up every cent you had to see Joe Montana win his first Super Bowl.

It’s our theory that when it comes to the legacy of the Silverdome, it’s not about whether the Lions won or lost–it’s about the memories made, and the stories that happened underneath its roof.

So if you (or anyone you know) live in the Detroit area, have a story that is personal and unique to the Silverdome, and would like to be considered for an interview in the piece, please share it with us!

Tell us your Silverdome story by emailing it to NFLFilmsFanSearch@nfl.com

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