Tonight on “NFL Turning Point”: Brady, Manning Advance, NFC West dominates

Turning Point
  • This week’s Divisional episode of Turning Point kicks off with the Chargers and the Broncos. Watching the game, one would think that Peyton Manning was a spokesman for one of the nation’s premier meat distributers, Omaha Steaks. Mannings’ “Omaha” cadence was said approximately 44 times in this week’s game, and helped account for four Chargers offsides penalties. Keeping the Chargers defense off balance helped Manning and co. control the 1st half of the game and take a 17-0 lead. However, Philip Rivers showed in the second half why he remains a top tier quarterback. The Chargers offense was finally able to get into a rhythm to bring themselves within seven points of tying the game up. Faced with a 3rd and 17 late in the fourth quarter, see how Broncos Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase, not Peyton Manning, drew up the perfect play for this games Turning Point.
  • When the Panthers and 49ers squared off in Week 10, Colin Kaepernick had his worst game of the season and the 49ers lost 10-9. Featuring two of the NFL’s best defenses, this game was still going to be slugfest, but this time Kaepernick had his full arsenal of weapons. With four minutes left in the first half, the 49ers put together a 12-play drive that showed just what this offense can do with Crabtree, Boldin and Davis all on the field. Faced with 2nd and Goal and only 14 seconds left in the half, see how Kaepernick was able to finally find his Pro Bowl Tight End and generate this games Turning Point.
  • When teams travel up to Seattle, they can expect two things; rain and the NFL’s most deafening stadium. Both played true in the matchup between the Saints and Seahawks. With the weather taking its toll on both teams passing attacks, the game shifted to the ground. The Saints had success running the football early on, but it was Seattle’s workhorse that controlled the game for four quarters. Finishing with 140 yards on the ground, see how Marshawn Lynch’s final run shook the Emerald City and proved to be this game’s Turning Point.
  • There haven’t been too many times in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s’ tenure together that the running game has carried the Patriots to victory. Facing off against Andrew Luck and the comeback Colts, the Patriots needed to run the football to keep the ball out of Luck’s hands. Running for 234 yards and 6 touchdowns, but Patriots controlled the clock and the scoreboard. See how New England was able to impose their will and earn themselves a spot in the AFC Championship game.
  • You can catch all this and more, tonight on “NFL Turning Point,” at 10/11c, only on NBC Sports Network.
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