NFL Films’ Top 5 Shots of Week 13

Intern Files, Kevin Joyce

On Thanksgiving weekend, the NFL Films cinematographers truly gave some material for you to feast your eyes on. Terrible puns aside, this week again brought us some more fantastic shots of breathtaking displays of athleticism and exclusive perspectives on some of the more exciting moments in this most recent slate of games. Here’s a list of the Top 5 (in our minds) in descending order:

5. James Develin, fullback for the New England Patriots, demonstrates uncommon determination in this touchdown run of his. The Patriots again came back from a double-digit halftime deficit to win a game by the score of 34-31, this time against the Texans.

4. Watch Fred Jackson take this screen pass from E.J. Manuel all the way to the house against the Falcons. The most intriguing portion of this shot comes when the camera shifts downward for a split-second to watch Fred Jackon’s feet during his most ankle-breaking juke during the play.

3. Peyton Manning returned to MVP form in the Broncos’ tough-fought victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, throwing five touchdowns. Four of those scores went to Eric Decker, who reels in this pinpoint loft from Manning in this shot.

2. Matt Cassel shows off some of the throwing-on-the-run skills that garnered him success earlier in his career by sending a strike to Greg Jennings in the corner of the endzone against the Bears.

1. The Bengals’ defense has lived up to lofty expectations this year, and plays like these, this particular one at the expense of the Chargers, are why they’ve maintained such excellence throughout the season.  Take a look:

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