“The Forward Pass: A Football Life” Sneak Preview

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America is a country of inventions. The Cotton Gin. The Telegraph. The Light Bulb. The Airplane. And the Forward Pass. That’s right, the Forward Pass.

It was considered dangerous. Radical. A threat to everything football stood for. For the first four decades of football history, it was outlawed. Born from Teddy Roosevelt’s efforts to save the game from abolition, the Forward Pass transformed football from a dull, plodding sport of running and punting into the dramatic, larger-than-life spectacle we know today, a game that is uniquely American.

How did all of that happen? Did Knute Rockne and Notre Dame really invent the Forward Pass?  Why did Don McLean reference the Forward Pass in the lyrics of American Pie? And can Boomer Esiason throw a spiral with a watermelon football?

Watch the story of a uniquely American revolution when The Forward Pass: A Football Life premieres on Tuesday, November 19th at 9 p.m. eastern on NFL Network.

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