NFL Films Top 5 Shots Week 10

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Once again, we’ve got some astounding shots for you to look at taken from this past week’s slate of games, accompanied by dramatic radio calls and some sweeping NFL Films scores. We mixed it up a little this week – look at this list of the shots below to see what I mean:

5. Sometimes while basking in the majesty of a slow-motion shot of a football play, one can forget how blazingly fast these men perform these athletic feats. Here we have the most unexpected play of the week, the “Hail Mary” from the Bengals’ Andy Dalton to A.J. Green, shot by a sound camera, including the cameraman’s and everyone else’s reaction, all at game speed.

4. This perfect shot from the Falcons-Seahawks clash is essentially the microcosm of both this particular game and the Falcons’ season: flashes of brilliance muddled by too many mistakes. Here Harry Douglas makes a fantastic play, catching a ball from Matt Ryan and taking it deep into Seahawks’ territory down the sideline, only to fumble the ball away and have it recovered by the opposition.

3. Drew Brees has been on fire all season, and he’s got no shortage of weapons to fire the ball to. Here he darts a pass to Marques Colston, who makes a tremendous effort to shake off a tackle and extend the ball across the goal line for the score.

2. Golden Tate made perhaps his best catch of the season on this one-handed masterpiece in the corner of the endzone against the Falcons.

1. This is what NFL Films cinematographers hope for when shooting a passing touchdown – framing the quarterback perfectly while his eyes focusing on his target, his release, the ball spiraling alone in the air, the acrobatic catch by his receiver, and even a little flair at the end that you’ll see when you watch this Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson scoring connection against the Bears.

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