NFL Films Top 5 Shots Weeks 8 and 9

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These past two weeks our cinematographers came through with some more brilliant camerawork, and in games where astounding plays were made, these cinematographers shot footage that makes those same plays look even more phenomenal. Here’s a list of the shots in the order they appear:

5. Andre Johnson went off against the Colts, with over 200 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns through the air. Here you can see the entire process of the play, from the airborne, spiraling ball, to Johnson’s fantastic grab, to his acrobatic toe-tapping, to his pointing at the official to assure the score.

4. The Bills’ early lead against the undefeated Chiefs in Week 9 was due mainly to this one play, with Jeff Tuell launching a bomb to a wide-open Marquise Goodwin. Here, we take two looks at the play from different angles, in classic NFL Films style.

3. Colin Kapernick has been dominant of late, no more so than against the Jaguars in London. Here, one of our talented crew members is in the perfect location to capture the most dramatic angle possible of Kaepernick’s scamper and touchdown dive.

2. Adrian Peterson may have ripped off the most impressive 11-yard run in NFL history against the Cowboys in Week 9, and again, you can see his indomitable determination to score from two angles in this compilation of shots.

1. On a day where Tom Brady looked like the legendary Patriots quarterback of old, this throw stood out amongst the rest: a perfectly-placed, back shoulder dart to a well-covered Aaron Dobson, who makes an athletic adjustment to corrale the ball and use his momentum to twist across the plane for the score.

Take a look at the Top 5 Shots, along with some signature NFL Films scoring and dramatic radio calls, from Weeks 8 and 9:

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