NFL Films Top 5 Shots Weeks 6 and 7

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We’ve combined the best shots from Week 6 and Week 7 this week for this post. Sit back and enjoy the ride:

The shots in the order they appear:

5. Jermichael Finley has always been an intimidating force out on the field, and his monstrous talent is no more apparent than it was on this touchdown grab, taking an Aaron Rodgers pass and breaking three tackles for the go-ahead score against the Browns.

4. Broncos special teams captain David Bruton makes a pivotal play in Denver’s 35-19 win over the Jaguars by executing this fake punt run to perfection, scampering 35 yards down the sideline for the longest run from scrimmage for the Broncos all season. He even does his best John Elway impression by being helicoptered by Jaguars defenders at the end of the play. The masterful camerawork shows Bruton’s reaction to his momentum-shifting run in intimate detail.

3. Another play here that comes at the expense of the Jaguars, as Eddie Royal make an acrobatic move in snagging a Philip Rivers toss and defying his outward momentum by stretching his arms and the ball across the goalline, giving the Chargers a two-touchdown advantage.

2. In perhaps the wildest game of the year so far, Tom Brady caps off a miraculous comeback against the Saints with a pinpoint, arcing loft to Kenbrell Thompkins, who spins and makes the reception in the back of the endzone.

1. This shot is just gorgeous: gorgeous throw, catch, camerawork. Tony Romo scrambles away from a blitzing Washington defender and heaves a perfect, corner-of-the-endzone throw to a toe-tapping Terrence Williams, and you can watch it all unfold. From Romo’s improbable escape, to Williams streaking to the pylon and raising his arm for the ball, to Romo’s look of recognition and desperation toss off his back foot, to Williams’ nimble catch, to his endearing celebration afterwards. There are even some unintended (but beautiful and fitting) dramatic flares as a result of the lighting at Cowboys Stadium.

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