“Michael Strahan: A Football Life” Preview

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Michael Strahan was one of the most feared defensive ends of his era.

Michael Strahan was one of the most feared defensive ends of his era.

Here on One Sabol Way, we try to carry on the legacy of our former president by delving into unchartered territory when it comes to sports filmmaking, much like he did in years past. “Michael Strahan: A Football Life” continues the acclaimed series’ tradition of providing the viewer a window into a well known football figure’s background, his upbringing, and how his actions off the field shaped his play on it. This time, however, you’ll get to see one of the greatest pass rushers in football history being interviewed with a new spin (pun intended, and you’ll see what I mean) put on it. During the interview, you’ll of course see Strahan talking, but you’ll also see everything else: the lights, the crew, the equipment cases, and NFL Films Producer Paul Camarata conducting the interview. All this you’ll witness while the camera rotates 360 degrees around Strahan as he recounts his life. Take a look at this behind the scenes footage:

Now that you’ve seen what went into producing the interview, watch what came out of it on “Michael Strahan: A Football Life,” Tuesday at 9/8c, only on NFL Network.

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