Tonight on “NFL Turning Point”

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When did the Broncos finally assure that they would stay undefeated in their 51-48 victory over the Cowboys? How close were the Bengals to falling to 2-3 against the Patriots? How did the Colts pull out an upset over the 4-0 Seahawks? If you want the answers to these questions and more, tune in to “NFL Turning Point” tonight. The acclaimed show continues its tradition of covering the crucial points of the past week’s games. Dan Patrick hosts the show, which presents highlights of the key games of the week along with commentary and interviews by players analyzing some of Week 4’s biggest plays. See who seized the day and helped his team take home a victory. Here’s a preview:

Catch this and much more on “NFL Turning Point,” at 11/10c, tonight only on NBC Sports Network.

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