Tonight on “Inside the NFL”: Cris, JB and Phil discuss issues around the league

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Be sure to watch as Cris Collinsworth, James Brown and Phil Simms break down the top stories circulating the NFL this week following a wild first weekend, including all of the developments, controversial calls, and injury updates that will shape the league and your team going forward.

In addition to the regulars, “Inside the NFL” welcomes 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Richard Dent to the show. Dent takes a look at the issues at hand from a defensive player’s perspective, providing valuable insight and shedding light on what goes through a defender’s mind in certain game-time situations.

I have to tell you all, I got to be on hand as this episode was filmed. JB, Cris, Phil and Richard are all on their games, sharing some great analysis and giving you the viewer a glimpse inside the head of a player while he’s out on the field. In that respect, this episode truly lives up to its show’s name. Make sure you tune into “Inside The NFL” tonight at 9:00pmET/PT, only on Showtime.

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