Behind the Scenes: Yoga and Football

Behind the Scenes, NFL Films Presents, Shannon Furman

Yoga has been a hobby of mine since I was in college.  At Penn State I took it for a physical education credit and knew right away it would be part of my regular fitness routine.

Every year that I’ve worked for the NFL I’ve heard more and more about players doing yoga.  Researching the topic last winter, I found Keith Mitchell’s story and felt it was the perfect way to demonstrate yoga’s benefits for football players of all ages.

This past week in Los Angeles, we caught up with Mitchell — a Texas A&M Aggie who played linebacker for 7 seasons with the Jaguars, Texans, and Saints — to learn about his career and his life after football.  Thanks to U Studio owner Andrea Marcum we were able to capture Keith leading a yoga class of current and former NFL players.

Cinematographer Brian Murray captures Keith's yoga class.

Cinematographer Brian Murray captures Keith’s yoga class.

Both Keith and Andrea provided their unique perspectives on yoga, while Keith shared the backstory of his career before demonstrating some of his favorite postures on the cliffs of Malibu

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This feature was several years in the making for me.  I’m very grateful that I came across Mitchell’s story and can’t wait to start editing the piece, which will air this fall on our magazine series, NFL FILMS PRESENTS.

Brian, Keith, and Shannon on location last week in Malibu.


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