‘Every End Starts a New Beginning’ – Fall Internship Class of 2012

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This season’s former TCIPF and “Inside the NFL” intern Domenick Candelieri, who currently works in the NFL Films’ vault as a Video Librarian, gives his take on the internship experience at NFL Films.

NFL Films' interns at a Redskins' home game.The 2012 NFL season contained many memorable and spectacular moments, from Colts RB Vick Ballard’s twisting dive into the end zone for the game-winner, to Ravens Super Bowl MVP QB Joe Flacco hoisting the Lombardi trophy.  For us interns here at NFL Films, however, it was a season that will never be forgotten for the rest of our lives.NFL Films' interns at a Ravens' home game.

It was around this time six months ago, when all of us gathered in the Ed Sabol theater, waiting for our supervisors to speak, while an air of awkward silence filled the room.  We were total strangers from California, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey looking to start some small talk.  It’s now amazing to look back and see how far we have come from being total strangers and having short conversations to developing a friendly, solid relationship with one another.

NFL Films' interns at Super Bowl XLVII.During our internship, we’ve experienced assisting with work on television shows such as “NFL Turning Point,” “Inside the NFL,” “NFL Playbook,” “NFL Matchup,” “NFL Replay” or documentaries like “A Football Life,” “Still Standing: The Earl Campbell Story” and more.  Also, we had the opportunity to go on shoots and games, whether it was following Giants QB Eli Manning around the city of Hoboken in New Jersey to see the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy or being a runner for one of the NFL Films’ cinematographers at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

We were here during the tough times as well, when NFL Films lost its heartbeat, Steve Sabol.  Seeing the profoun"NFL Playbook" interns with the Playbook staff.d effect he had on all of his employees was an indicator of just how great of a man he was and the many lives he touched.  His legacy will undoubtedly live on forever, especially here at One Sabol Way, where they seek to continue the work he has helped build.

NFL Films is truly a unique company.  Being around and learning from the best in the business was a tremendous honor and privilege for all of us.  The advice received from our colleagues will enable us to hone and craft our skills for the future.  As the famous expression goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.”  This was certainly the case for the NFL Films’ fall intern class of 2012.

NFL Films' Fall Intern Class of 2012.

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