The Real Reason The Baltimore Ravens Are Going To The Super Bowl – ‘An Unknown Stat’ Hangs On For a Fourth Season

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There is an endless amount of NFL Films-caliber story lines in this year’s Super Bowl match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh, Ray Lewis’ dramatic final game, Colin Kaepernick discovering that his psychic abilities are as strong as his throwing arm.

While we at NFL Films will dedicate many hours of entertaining programming to these story lines, let us give you yet another reason this game will be exciting:

–In Week 2, the Philadelphia Eagles played against the Baltimore Ravens in the Eagles home opener.

While we’d like to give the Ravens full credit for advancing through the playoffs – Wildcard, Divisional, and Conference Championship– there was a greater force at play here.  This is now the fourth year in a row that the team who played the Eagles, in Philadelphia’s home opener, has gone to the Super Bowl: New Orleans Saints (‘09), Green Bay Packers (‘10), New York Giants (’11), and now the Baltimore Ravens (’12).

It was cool to us at NFL Films when it was two-times-in-a-row two years ago, and interesting when it was three-times-in-a-row last year — now it’s just weird.

But, there is a twist to this year’s stat: The Eagles lost their home opener to the Saints, Packers, and Giants… and those teams won the Super Bowl. This year, the Eagles beat the Ravens, 24-23.

So, does this mean that the Ravens will LOSE the Super Bowl?

Comment with your thoughts.

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