‘NFL Films Presents’: Pennsauken Five

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This season’s former TCIPF and “Inside the NFL” intern Domenick Candelieri, who currently works in the NFL Films’ vault as a Video Librarian, shares an interesting finding he recently encountered while on duty at his new job.

Last week, as I was rummaging through the NFL Films’ vault system, I stumbled upon an intriguing NFL Films Presents piece.  A familiar word in the title caught my attention, Pennsauken – a small suburban town in South Jersey, next to Cherry Hill and about twenty minutes away from Philadelphia.

I was raised in this town, graduating from Pennsauken High School in 2008.  When I saw this Presents piece from 1990, I was taken aback when I found out that NFL Films and my town had some sort of correlation.  What I didn’t know was that Pennsauken, during this period of time, produced five NFL players, all of whom went from growing up on the same block, to playing professionally.  Those players included running back Todd McNair of the Kansas City Chiefs, tight end Billy Griggs of the New York Jets, linebacker David Griggs of the Miami Dolphins, wide receiver John Taylor of the San Francisco 49ers and cornerback Keith Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts.

Here’s a look at Pennsauken’s finest, as originally presented on “NFL Films Presents: Pennsauken Five.”

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