NFL Films Presents Steelers, Giants “Life Changing Stories”

Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, NFL Films Presents, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers

This week, NFL Films Presents brings you tales from two of the history-richest teams in the league.  Set the DVR to hear the story of one man whose life was saved by the Immaculate Reception, and another who helped inspire Big Blue to two Super Bowl wins in the last 5 years.  All that, plus a pass play with arguably the longest shelf-life in history.Col. Greg Gadson (US Army)

It’s Les Banos, Col. Greg Gadson, and “Zampese,” on NFL Films Presents, today, Jan. 2nd at 2.30 pm/ET on ESPN2 and Friday, Jan. 4th at 4.30 pm/ET on NFL Network.  (Check local listings to confirm in your area.)

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