Week 13 of ‘NFL Turning Point’ – First Look

Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, TCIPF Staff, Turning Point

This week on “NFL Turning Point”, we feature the Steelers’ win over the Ravens, the Seahawks’ win over the Bears, and Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson mic’d up against the Colts.  Don’t miss an all-new episode tonight at 11 p.m. EST on NBC Sports Network.  Also, join the conversation on Twitter at #NFLTurningPoint.

Steelers vs Ravens
– Analysis of the Ravens’ offensive plan to attack deep in the passing game
– A breakdown of James Harrison’s pivotal forced fumble
– The Tomlin-Harbaugh handshake

Colts vs Lions
– Using mic’d up sound from Stafford and Johnson, we break down some of the biggest plays made by the Lions’ offense.
– Andrew Luck’s comeback, complete with a beautiful Donny Marx shot of the game-winning touchdown.

Seahawks vs Bears
– Why Chicago came up short on a critical 4th and 1
– Russell Wilson’s success with the read option
– Matt Flynn makes an impact on the game

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