Coming Soon: Super Retrospective With Foreword By Steve Sabol

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With the midpoint mark of the 2012 season upon us, NFL teams playoff prospects are beginning to crystallize.  Fans in places like Houston, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco are pondering the “what if” factor. What if we go on a run?  What if we make the playoffs?  What if we win the ultimate prize, a Super Bowl?  Championship teams from the 2007 Giants – a fifth-seeded wild card – to the 1972 Miami Dolphins – the only team to have a perfect season – not only kept their fans dreaming, they turned those dreams into reality by hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Here at NFL Films, we’re now helping you relive all those historic dreams-come-true by presenting the “NFL Super Bowl I-XLVI DVD Collection.”  This unprecedented new 23-disc DVD set includes every great play, every stunning performance and every unforgettable moment throughout Super Bowl history – 45 hours of action in all.  The collection also includes a 26-page Super Bowl retrospective with a foreword written by late NFL Films President, Steve Sabol.

Here’s a sneak peek at this soon-to-be-released Super Bowl set.

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