‘NFL Turning Point’ Going ‘Beast Mode’ This Week

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You do not want to miss NFL Turning Point” this week.  We have an exclusive film session featuring one of the league’s top rushers, Marshawn Lynch, and the man who helps open holes for “Beast Mode”, Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson.  As dynamic as they are on the field, wait till you see this pair in the film room.  Our crew had lots of laughs working with Robinson and Lynch, who did a great job of explaining why the Seahawks ground game is so successful.  In this week’s episode of NFL Turning Point,” their film session will help tell the story of the Seahawks’ Week 9 victory over the Vikings.
Be sure to tune in to “NFL Turning Point” on NBC Sports Network, Wednesday 11/7 at 10 pm ET (re-airing at 11 pm/ET).
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