Howie Long on Jimmy Johnson: One Slice of ‘A Football Life’

A Football Life, TCIPF Staff

While Jimmy Johnson was the head coach at Oklahoma State, he was selected as the Blue Team’s defensive coach for the annual Blue-Gray All-Star Classic. One of his players, a defensive end from Villanova University named Howie Long, didn’t have enough money to go out with his team for some pizza.  Being the gracious man he was, Coach Johnson decided to address the situation by reaching into his own pocket.

Thirty-two years later, as co-workers at Fox, both still jokingly fuss about the occasion.  See why in this TCIPF exclusive bonus scene.  Also, be sure to check back for more Jimmy bonus features over the next few days, in advance of the premiere of “Jimmy Johnson: A Football Life”,  November 7 at 8 PM / ET only on NFL Network.

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