‘NFL Films Presents’: Antonio Garay

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Editor’s Note: NFL Films’ Producer Nick Mascolo had the opportunity to chat with eccentric defensive tackle Antonio Garay of the San Diego Chargers.  Here, Nick shares his thoughts on a feature he recently produced.  It airs this Hallo-week on NFL Films Presents.

Antonio Garay is difficult to ignore.  He’s 330 pounds, carves and colors his hair before every Chargers game, and drives a Hello Kitty Smart car.  As the producer responsible for editing San Diego’s team highlight each season, I needed to know more about what makes this man tick.  What I discovered was a player who has not had an easy path to football success.  Counting college and the pros, Garay has endured five different season ending injuries.  You would think adversity of this magnitude would break a man.  Instead, it has only made him stronger.

After a horrific leg injury with the Bears in 2007, Garay was out of the league for nearly two years.  During that time he rehabilitated with his brother Daniel back home in Rahway, New Jersey.  Daniel was also coaching for the Rahway High School football team at the time.  Naturally, Antonio decided he would lend a hand.  But as you’ll see in the clip below, the job came with one undesirable off the field responsibility.

Garay eventually joined the Chargers in late 2009.  In 2010, he was the starting nose tackle on the NFL’s #1 defense.  During that season, Antonio met Timmy Seastrand through the Make-A-Wish foundation.  For the rest of that touching story, you’ll need to check out my “NFL Films Presents” feature on Antonio Garay airing this week on ESPN2 and the NFL Network.

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