This Week on NFL Films Presents: A Zombie Halloween Treat

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Editor’s Note: Senior Producer John Weiss is so into zombies, he could have been an extra in Michael Jackson’s legendary “Thriller” video.  Here, John shares his thoughts on a feature he recently produced.  It airs this Hallo-week on NFL Films Presents.  Boo!

I love zombies – always have. George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead”, “Night of the Living Dead” and “Day of the Dead”, along with “Shaun of Dead” top my list of all-time favorite films involving the undead.

But my affection for the zombie genre, as well as the popularity of zombies themselves, has grown to new heights over the past few years. One of TV’s most successful current shows centers around a zombie apocalypse. And later this season, a well-known former NFL star will actually appear on the show – a living legend, turned into a living corpse.

For this week’s episode of “NFL Films Presents,” we went behind the scenes of the show to witness the stunning transformation. Who is the player? Why is he there? And how on earth did he get enlisted into the army of the undead?

You’ll have to check out “NFL Films Presents” this week for the unveiling of this special creature. If you love zombies as much as I do, this should be a Halloween treat.

Air times for “NFL Films Presents” (all times Eastern):

 Tuesday, October 30       2:00 AM ESPN2

Wednesday, October 31   2:30 PM ESPN 2

Friday, November 2         4:30 PM NFL Network

Saturday, November 3     1:30 PM NFL Network

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