A Look at Tonight’s ‘Inside the NFL’

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Intern Domenick Candelieri is assigned to TCIPF and Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” this season.  Here’s his take on his experience thus far at NFL Films and working with Inside the NFL. 

It’s been about two-and-a-half months into my internship here at 1 NFL Plaza and still, it feels surreal.  Being a passionate Eagles fan, I marvel at the fact that I’m in the same building as great quarterbacks like Ron Jaworski and Donovan McNabb.  Even walking down the hallways, as routine as that may seem to be, you will find awards and pictures ornamenting the insides of NFL Films; it is truly a blessing I embrace every day.

Game footage from previous weekends is like gold for NFL Films producers, who find ways to entertain an audience through the art of storytelling.  This past week, I’ve been receiving help from a number of producers on how to create highlight segments.  Examining how they put it all together has helped give me a new light on my career path – specifically in which direction I want to steer my future in production.

“Inside the NFL” highlights are told through narration, music and sound from coaches, players and announcers.  Here’s an example of sound, when the Films team mic’d up Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano last Sunday.  Be sure to tune in to new episodes of Inside the NFL,” every Wednesday at 9 PM ET only on Showtime.

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