‘NFL Films Presents: The Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson’

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  Shannon’s feature on Patrick Peterson will premiere in the next episode of NFL Films Presents, which can be seen: 

On ESPN2: 10/3 AT 2:30 PM ET

On NFL NETWORK: 10/5 AT 4:30 PM; 10/6 AT 1:30 PM (All Times Eastern)

This offseason I had the opportunity to work with Patrick Peterson Jr. and his parents.  The idea for this shoot actually came from an interview I did with Von Miller of the Denver Broncos.  Miller was talking about how he would love to train with Peterson Sr., Patrick’s father, next offseason.  I became curious about this statement and looked into Patrick’s back-story.

Patrick’s family invited NFL films to Florida, where we did an interview with Peterson’s parents and agent, Patrick Lawlor.  We were also invited out to Arizona for a sit down interview with Peterson, Jr. and a workout with the father and son.  Patrick’s best friend and former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson was also there for the training session.

Peterson Jr. is quickly becoming one of our favorite subjects at NFL Films.  He’s one of the top young players in the league and a very entertaining person to have mic’d up.  During his rookie season in 2011, Peterson Jr. took part in our show “Hey Rookie:  Welcome to the NFL”.  He gave a very confident, but honest and thoughtful interview, and I was pretty sure this was a guy we were going to be talking about for years to come.

Here’s a bonus excerpt from our work with Patrick.

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