Happy 70th Birthday to the NFL’s Polymath – Steve Sabol

Tales from the Vault, TCIPF Staff, This Day in NFL History

A lot of people knew Steve Sabol as a football historian and a master filmmaker.  He was certainly both, but his genius didn’t stop there.  He was the ultimate “polymath”, a type of thinker who knew a lot about a lot.   He didn’t just talk to producers about the most recent NFL games; he also loved talking about what history book he was reading, which movie he saw, which art exhibit he visited or which interesting new athletic endeavor he had discovered.  Few people were as curious about as many subjects as Steve – that’s why his films weren’t just about football; they were about life.

And so today, which would have been Steve’s 70th birthday, we celebrate his wide interests in arts, sports and culture with a film that won Steve his first Emmy for cinematography in 1978 that highlights, of all subjects, the emerging sport of skateboarding!

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