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For this week’s blog, the guys here at Playbook decided to try something brand new. Based on this weeks’ matchups, we compiled a list of our top players at each fantasy position. Each of us created our own rankings and then compiled a master list which we are going to share with all of you. Since our own fantasy league is a PPR league, we made our rankings with that same scoring system in mind. Good luck!


1.  Drew Brees vs KC
2.  Matthew Stafford @ TEN:  The Titans have been gashed through the air this season.  The Lions OL has greatly improved as a unit and should slow down the Titans pass rush and give Stafford plenty of time to throw.
3.  Aaron Rodgers @ SEA
4.  Tony Romo vs TB
5.  Ryan Fitzpatrick @ CLE: Fitzpatrick has sneakily been a very effective fantasy QB thus far, throwing for five touchdowns. With the Browns secondary still in question, Fitzpatrick should be able to capitalize on his opportunities this week.
6.  Matt Ryan @ SD
7.  Ben Roethlisberger @ OAK
8.  Tom Brady @ BAL:  Baltimore has typically caused problems for Brady. With an OL that is still gelling, and their first week without Hernandez, we think Brady struggles a bit.
9.  Robert Griffin III vs CIN
10.  Joe Flacco vs NE
11.  Philip Rivers vs ATL
12.  Andrew Luck vs JAC:  We have been very impressed with Luck thus far. He displays the pocket presence of a savvy veteran, and has made some throws that few QBs in the NFL can make. He should be able to perform well against a weak Jacksonville back 7.
13.  Alex Smith @ MIN
14.  Jay Cutler vs STL
15.  Peyton Manning vs HOU

Running Backs

1.  Maurice Jones-Drew @ IND:  MJD has his legs completely under him and we think the Jaguars give him a workload similar to last year’s level. The Colts are not overly physical up front which will help the Jags run the football.
2.  Ray Rice vs NE
3.  Darren Sproles vs KC:  Sproles has yet to run the ball this year, but has 18 catches in two games. The catches will remain, but we think he should get carries this weekend to gash the Chiefs on the ground.
4.  LeSean McCoy @ ARI
5.  Arian Foster @ DEN
6.  Marshawn Lynch vs GB
7.  Reggie Bush vs NYJ
8.  C.J. Spiller @ CLE
9.  Frank Gore @ MIN
10.  DeMarco Murray vs TB
11.  Jamaal Charles @ NO:  This is our make or break game for Charles. The Saints’ front 7 has been getting manhandled through the first two games. If the Chiefs want to compete in this game, they are going to have to run the ball and control the clock.
12.  Michael Bush vs STL
13.  Darren McFadden vs PIT:  McFadden is a tremendous talent, but until the Raiders OL improves drastically, we feel most of his value is going to slightly diminish.
14.  Trent Richardson vs BUF
15.  Steven Ridley @ BAL
16.  Donald Brown vs JAC:  The Texans ran for over 200 yards last week against the Jags, which is very good news for Brown. Combine that with his elusiveness and high motor and we think Brown runs well this week.
17.  Mikel Leshoure @ TEN:  Leshoure’s size and speed combo is something the Lions do not have in their backfield. Their OL was able to generate creases against the league’s best run D last week, which leads us to believe the same will happen against the Titans.
18.  Doug Martin @ DAL
19.  Willis McGahee vs HOU
20.  Adrian Peterson vs SF
21.  Alfred Morris vs CIN
22.  Chris Johnson vs DET:  Until we see Johnson run with any sort of decisiveness or aggression, we will continue to rank him below his talent level.
23.  Cedric Benson @ SEA
24.  Michael Turner @ SD
25.  Ben Tate @ DEN
26.  Pierre Thomas vs KC:  We anticipate the Saints get back to running the football this week. The KC defense that has struggled to absorb blockers up front, which has brought OL to the 2nd level and forced their LBs to move out of their gap assignments.
27.  Ryan Mathews vs ATL
28.  Steven Jackson @ CHI
29.  Peyton Hillis @ NO

Wide Receivers

1.  Calvin Johnson @ TEN
2.  A.J.  Green @ WAS
3.  Roddy White @ SD
4.  Brandon Marshall @ STL:  The Rams have a talented secondary, but their Cover 2 scheme should be slightly easier for Jay Cutler to attack. If the Bears want to have success throwing the ball, they will look Marshall’s way often.
5.  Andre Johnson @ DEN
6.  Julio Jones @ SD
7.  Jordy Nelson @ SEA
8.  Miles Austin vs TB
9.  Antonio Brown @ OAK:  Miami really caused Oakland problems last week in the short passing game. If the Raiders secondary wants to be aggressive in coverage, the Steelers rub releases will lead to a big day for Brown.
10.  Reggie Wayne vs JAC
11.  Dez Bryant vs TB
12.  Steve Johnson @ CLE
13.  Mike Wallace @ OAK
14.  Demaryius Thomas vs HOU
15.  Larry Fitzgerald vs PHI:  The Eagles pass rush is really going to get to Kevin Kolb this week. Kolb’s discomfort in the pocket is going to have a direct effect on Fitzgerald’s production.
16.  Percy Harvin vs SF
17.  Dwayne Bowe @ NO
18.  Michael Crabtree @ MIN
19.  Marques Colston vs KC
20.  Vincent Jackson @ DAL
21.  Wes Welker @ BAL:  The Ravens creativity to generate pressure is not only going to make Brady uneasy, but it will also open up some gashes in the middle of the field. We expect the Brady to Welker connection to get back on track this week.
22.  Danny Amendola @ CHI:  The Rams version of Wes Welker, Amendola is simply targeted too much not to play at this point. The Rams have a quick striking attack that is difficult to completely eliminate, which means more catches for Amendola.
23.  Malcolm Floyd vs ATL
24.  Brandon Lloyd @ BAL
25.  DeSean Jackson @ ARI
26.  Pierre Garcon vs CIN
27.  Donnie Avery vs JAC
28.  Lance Moore vs KC
29.  Torrey Smith vs NE:  The Patriots D has been susceptible to a few big plays each game this season. The Ravens no-huddle attack will put make the Patriots uncomfortable in the secondary and we believe Smith will be able to capitalize on it.
30.  Eric Decker vs HOU

Tight Ends

1.  Jimmy Graham vs KC
2.  Rob Gronkowski @ BAL
3.  Brandon Pettigrew @ TEN:  The Titans have been crushed by TEs in their first two games. Their zone coverage allows for the TE to find creases all over the field, especially in the red zone.
4.  Tony Gonzalez @ SD
5.  Vernon Davis @ MIN
6.  Brent Celek @ ARI:  The Cardinals are going to bring pressure this week and we feel that when Vick is under duress, he is going to be looking Celek’s way.
7.  Antonio Gates vs ATL
8.  Jermichael Finley @ SEA
9.  Jason Witten vs TB
10.  Owen Daniels @ DEN:  The Texans are not going to be able to run at will like they did last week. Daniels has been extremely effective this season and we think this week he receives enough targets to have a very good game.

Defense/Special Teams

1.  49ers @ MIN
2.  Bears vs STL
3.  Steelers @ OAK:  The Steelers DL should be able to penetrate the Raiders zone-run scheme and really force them to be one-dimensional. That should give them plenty of opportunities for sacks and interceptions.
4.  Bills @ CLE:  This is as much about the Browns faults on Offense as it is the Bills talent on Defense. We feel the interior pressure the Bills bring is going to really make Brandon Weeden uncomfortable all game.
5.  Eagles @ ARI
6.  Packers @ SEA
7.  Lions @ TEN:  The Titans have yet to prove they can run the ball against any opponent. This DL should really disrupt the run game early, which will put more pressure on Jake Locker to get the ball down the field. We like the Lions’ chances to put up good points.
8.  Jets @ MIA
9.  Texans @ DEN
10.  Falcons @ SD:  Any time you can cause Peyton Manning to throw three interceptions, you stand out to us. This week, the Chargers struggles in the run game should allow the Falcons to attack the quarterback more, while continuing to disguise their coverages.

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