Ravens at Eagles: An Intern’s View from Behind the Camera

Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, TCIPF Staff

EDITOR’S NOTE: Intern Domenick Candelieri is assigned to TCIPF and Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” this season.  But last Sunday, he pitched in with our crew at the Ravens/Eagles game.  Here is Dom’s take on the day.

As an intern in the NFL Films Producers department, my days are usually spent here in the offices at 1 NFL.  However, this past Sunday, I had the unique opportunity to work outside of the building, assisting NFL Films’ cameramen on the sidelines at the Baltimore Ravens versus Philadelphia Eagles game.

My position as a “Runner” called for me to follow NFL Films cinematographer Ben Johnson as he filmed Eagles linebacker Demeco Ryans, who was mic’d up throughout the game.  I got a great workout because along with actually running around the field with Ben, I carried the battery packs, memory drives, tripod and other accessories he needed.  Ben’s goal was to capture different angles of Demeco, whether it’d be a wide shot of him on the bench or a close up shot in his linebacker stance.  More importantly though, being mic’d up worked out nicely for Demeco, who turned in a strong defensive performance.

One moment I’ll never forget was being able to stand next to players I cheered for on television and seeing them up close and personal.  While I was assisting Ben, I found myself in the path of Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin, when he chased down a pass as it sailed out of bounds.  Fortunately, I managed to escape a collision.  On a safer note, King Dunlap, the 6-9, 330 lb Eagles offensive lineman, walked past me and gave his compliments to NFL Films saying, “You guys do a great job!” Those comments truly brought a smile to my face.

All in all, I had the opportunity to witness an amazing game from an exclusive perspective.  While I was on the sidelines, I kept in mind those special slow motion story-telling shots NFL Films is so well known for: the spiral of a football in mid-air, sweat dripping off a linebacker’s face before the snap or dirt springing up out of the ground due to the cleats of a defensive end fighting his way to sack a quarterback.  Watching the cinematographers at work gave me a true appreciation of just how much the Films crew — like the players themselves — go all out on every play, every Sunday.

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