More NFL Network = More NFL Films

A Football Life, America's Game, Playbook, Sound FX, TCIPF Staff, Top 10, Top 100

Since TCIPF launched last year, many of you who have Time Warner Cable have asked us when the NFL Network would be available in your area.  We are now thrilled to report the answer: this Sunday.

This means that in less than 48 hours, every minute of Thursday Night Football, as well as shows like SoundFX, Top 10, Top 100, Playbook, America’s Game, and A Football Life will be available to more cable subscribers than ever before. That includes all those in New York City, hometown of the next subject of our Emmy-nominated documentary series.  See the Yankee Stadium visit that Tom Coughlin’s family will never forget in this excerpt from “A Football Life: Tom Coughlin”.  Then tune in to see the whole story — and guess what?  it’s a love story — when it premieres next Wednesday, September 26 at 8pm/ET on NFL Network.  Cream of the crop, top of the heap, ring-a-ding-ding, here we come again, Big Apple.

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