A Giant Fanatic: Producer’s Notes on “License Plate Guy”

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Who is License Plate Guy? Find out Friday 9/14 at 4:30 pm/ET on NFLNetwork and Saturday 9/15 at 1:30 pm/ET on NFLNetwork.  Here’s a TCIPF exclusive excerpt from NFL Films Presents: License Plate Guy, and notes from Adam Ryan, who produced the feature on “LPG”.

Driving in the NFL Films fan towards New York City, I was going over my notes for an interview that was occurring in about an hour.  I had an idea where the conversation might go, and certainly knew what I planned on asking, but I knew nothing was set in stone.  After all, I was interviewing a guy who might just be nuts.  What drives a man to hang over 20 license plates around his neck and go to every Giants game, home, away, regular season and postseason?

Joe Ruback, also known as “License Plate Guy” was a pleasant surprise.  He came off not as some bonkers, over the top fan, but as a guy pursuing, and living, his dream.  Outside of his family, the New York Giants are his greatest passion.  Why not put everything he has into it?  In fact, why don’t more of us do that?  Driving away, our cameraman, Chris Landy, said “I wish I had just a drop of that guys passion”.  I felt the same way.

The fact that he’s close to many members of the Giants family, both past and present, is simply amazing.  But his secret seems pretty simple, and it came out in his interview, when he said “Players aren’t different.  It’s us that treat them different”.   The players respect that he’s always been there, behind the bench, at every game, during good times and bad.  That’s the story I wanted to tell for our show “NFL Films Presents”.

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