Week 1 Fantasy Tips from the Playbook War Room: NFC Matchups

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NFC Matchups:


  • Start: Reggie Wayne: Wayne has been the chess piece for the Colts offense this preseason and we think he is going to continue to be a focal point in the offense.
  • Start: Andrew Luck: Luck might not be a bonafide fantasy starter, YET. However, he has impressed us this preseason and is definitely a player to monitor.
  • Sit: Bears’ WRs: Minus Brandon Marshall, we do not feel any Bear WR has shown enough to warrant a start this week.
  • Sit: Donald Brown: Brown is going to have limited success in the screen game against a true Cover 2 defense that will limit his yards after the catch.


  • Start: Steven Jackson: Jackson is the only true weapon the Rams have right now and is going to be the best chance they have to win this game. He will get enough touches to start him.
  • Start: Titus Young: The Lions are going to be able to throw the ball this week and this preseason has shown us that a second year in this offense has really paid dividends for Young.
  • Sit: Rams WRs: There are just too many names and similar skill sets right now to feel good about playing any of these players this week.

Percy Harvin (AP)


  • Start: Justin Blackmon: A rookie WR is a risk, but Jacksonville has demonstrated a commitment to throw, designing plays and creating space for Blackmon He is their clear #1 receiver.
  • Start: Percy Harvin: With AP’s status in limbo, Harvin is the only explosive player on this offense and is going to receive a large quantity of touches; as a receiver or a ball carrier.
  • Sit: Toby Gerhart: The Jaguars defense is tough enough up front to force Gerhart to move more laterally as a runner. A weakness for him.


  • Start: Darren Sproles: The Saints will utilize Sproles as a runner and pass catcher to help counteract the Redskins pressure off the edges.
  • Start: Pierre Garcon: Garcon looked like Griffin’s favorite target all preseason and we think that will continue this week.
  • Sit: Robert Griffin III: Playing on the road, in a dome, against a team that faced as much turmoil as the Saints this offseason, no thank you.
  • Sit: Redskins RBs: Each back has impressed us at various times this preseason which leads us to believe the carries will be split up evenly for the time being.


  • Start: Russell Wilson: Even though he is a rookie, Wilson was as hot as any quarterback this preseason. He has showed good smarts in the pocket as well as showcasing how much of a threat he can be running the ball.
  • Start: Seattle Defense: Arizona’s porous OL will allow the Seattle DL to completely control the trenches, leading to low points and a great chance for turnovers and sacks.
  • Sit: Arizona RBs: We do not feel like the Arizona OL will generate enough control at the line of scrimmage to consistently provide holes to run through for these backs.

Jordy Nelson (AP)

SF @ GB:

  • Start: Vernon Davis: Davis is simply that much better of an athlete than the Packers are going to put on him.
  • Start: Jordy Nelson: Nelson is most effective outside the numbers, which is the best spot on the field, to attack, against the San Francisco secondary.
  • Sit: Cedric Benson: The Packers are going to have a lot of success running into six and seven man boxes this season, just not against the 49ers.
  • Sit: Jermichael Finley: The 49ers LBs can run with Finley vertically, but the back seven unit is also disciplined enough to hinder any routes across the field.


  • Start: Vincent Jackson: There is a risk until we see more from this offense to feel comfortable that he can produce the same numbers as in San Diego. Jackson is still worth the risk.
  • Start: Steve Smith: The connection Smith and Cam Newton developed last season rejuvenated Smith’s career. We have seen nothing this preseason to think that this success cannot continue.
  • Sit: Doug Martin: Even though the Panthers Defense was 25th in the league last year against the run, they are healthier now and their LBs especially have been impressive all preseason.
  • Sit: Carolina RBs: Carolina is going to run the ball, we just get nervous trusting either back when their skill levels are so similar and they have a TD vulture in Mike Tolbert now in the mix.
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