This Day in Football: Shaun Alexander’s Birthday

Seattle Seahawks, TCIPF Staff, This Day in NFL History

On this date in football – August 30 − former NFL running back Shaun Alexander turns 35.  Alexander, who attended the University of Alabama, was drafted in 2000 by the Seattle Seahawks.  During the 2005 season, Alexander was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, leading Seattle to the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Perhaps his most impressive performance was when he set an NFL record with five touchdowns in one half against the Minnesota Vikings in 2002.

Here’s a look back at Alexander’s MVP campaign in which he broke the single-season touchdown record ─ only to be broken by LaDainian Tomlinson a year later─ as originally presented in the 2005 highlight film, Seattle Seahawks: Out of the Blue.

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